NBA Playoffs getting very interesting

Phoenix sinks 29-of-32 free throws last night in 107-88 victory over Portland. Up 3-2 as they head back to Portland. Portland giving them a tussle, though.  I like Phoenix to make a run if they can pickup their defense. Orlando swept Charlotte. Orlando looks very good even though Dwight Howard seems to be fouling out every game. Milwaukee ties Atlanta. Giving the Hawks everything they want. Tonight Cavs and Bulls play at Cleveland as Cavs try to close them out. Boston plays Miami at home as they try to finish off  that series. LA in a war with Ok City as the Thunder tries to pull off huge upset. Tied 2-2. Joe Durant and Russell Westbrook have been awesome for Thunder. There is just so much parity in the West. Spurs trying to close it out with Mavs. Jazz try to close out Denver tomorrow night.

Thoughts: Oklahoma City is the story to me along with San Antonio. Thunder won 50 games this year, so they're for real. Durant an amazing player. Trying to prove that he can handle the big time early in his career. Pretty tough task with the Lakers, though whatever happens, like the Thunder a lot in the future. The future could be now. Lakers really struggling. Don't know how they'll get out of the West even if they beat Thunder. Have a matchup with probably the Jazz next. Spurs looking really good to me. They're playing great defense as usual and just clicking on offense with George Hill and players like DeJuan Blair and Antonio McDyess helping out the Big Three of Duncan, Ginobli and Parker. I'll go out on a limb right now and say the Spurs can win it all. Beating the Mavs is very impressive. I like the Suns a lot, just don't know if they play good enough defense. Amar'e and Nash are awesome though. Fun team to watch.

In the east, I think Orlando is going to give Cleveland everything they want if both get that far. Not counting out the Celtics in the next round against the Cavs which should happen. Celtics not done yet. They still have to finish off Heat. Dwayne Wade put on an all-world performance on Sunday with 46 to single-handedly beat the Celts. Still like Boston to win that.

Liking the Cavs and the Spurs in finals though I think the Magic could knock off Cavs and I'm not totally counting out the Lakers. Suns, an outside shot, but need to play better defense. That's been their Achilles Heel for years.