NBA playoff bracket

At the bottom of this link. It's wide open in the west. Portland has the edge on Phoenix now. Lakers looking vulnerable, but should be fine against Thunder. Dallas playing great ball. Dallas added Cameron Butler and Spencer Haywood and they've helped with toughness. But who knows what's going to happen? Lakers, Magic, Cavs, Hawks should advance from this round. Not sure about everybody else. Still think Phoenix is a really good team though they lost in first game to Portland. Dallas could have trouble with San Antonio. Spurs play defense. Lakers still the team to beat in the West though somebody is going to give them a tough series. They're no shoe in. Kobe Bryant really struggling with his finger injury which is hampering his shooting. Six-of-22 against Ok City in first game. Cause for concern. Dallas could be trouble for Lakers. Phoenix if they make it to second round could get hot and knock off some people. In East, Le'Bron huge game last night with 40 points; just took over. Still Magic could be a war for Cavs if they both get to the conference finals. Scroll to bottom for playoff bracket.