More madness

Oklahoma State had to be the most retarded team in the field. They couldn't shoot  a lick and fouled Ga. Tech at the worst times. They deserved to lose. They have no flow at all to their offense. That's an average team at best. Michigan State trying to choke to New Mexico State. There are some mediocre teams in this tournament no doubt. I saw where Obama was 12-4 on the first night. That takes real skill I'm telling you. Picking the NCAA Tournament is pure luck. I study it, know it and I had no idea Georgetown could lose to Ohio. How can that happen? How big of a gag job is that?  Or that Vandy would lose to Murray State when the MS's third shooting option makes a prayer at the end of regulation. Maybe Obama is going to be so consumed with the tourney that he'll forget about his imbecilic health care plan. Probably not, but here's hoping. My bracket: