You know what makes me mad as a hornet? When teams have the ball right before halftime or at the end of the game, and the player, maybe the point guard or a wing player, starts dribbling around and waits too long to make his move to the basket. It happened Sat Night at the UAB-UTEP game. I'm pretty sure it was Jamarr Sanders. He had the ball with around 20 seconds left and he just kept dribbling and dribbling, waiting and waiting. Finally, with around five seconds left, he made his move. It was too late. He had nowhere to go and got no look at the basket. Buzzer goes off, wasted possession. UAB loses in double overtime. Could have made a difference. It seemed like he was clueless out there. Maybe there was no play called or he just wasn't sure what to do. Regardless, it cost the Blazers.

Besides some pitiful free throw shooting, the wasted time before half or the end of the game bothers me the most about any team. The players don't know when to go to the basket at the end of half or the game and they just lose points that way.