Kobe vs Magic

Skip Bayless (sports writer/commentator) and his crew were talking about Kobe and Magic on their ESPN show 1st and 10. They were cajoling about who was the best Laker of all time. Bayless said there is no doubt Magic was the best. I agree. Kobe is an awesome player, but Magic was the best player on arguably the best team ever; the 1988 Lakers. That team played an amazing style of basketball: fast paced, great shooting, great defensive pressure causing multiple turnovers each game which they usually turned into fast break lay-ups. It was Laker ball. Not only was there Magic, but Kareem, James Worthy, A. C. Green and Byron Scott with some great players like A.C. Green and Mychal Thompson off the bench.

Kobe's great, but he's not Magic. Not yet anyway. His teams just aren't as good for one, and Magic just had the better overall game than Kobe does.