He did it again. Hit a buzzer beating 3-pter last night to help the Lakers defeat the Sac Kings, 109-108. He's amazing. He had 44 and 11 assists the night before. He's averaging 35.7 in his last 10 games.  He and 'Bron are different players so it's hard to compare them. I'd choose 'Bron if I had to start a team because he's so dominant physically, but if these guys played 10 times, they might split.

Kobe is more of a Jordan-like player: clutch, great shooter, sleek athlete. 'Bron combines the power of Shaq with the athletic ability of maybe the greatest player of all time. Kobe still has four rings and 'Bron has none, so advantage Kobe. There both something else. They make the game great.