Kentucky self-destructs

The shooting woes finally caught up with Kentucky. How about these numbers: four-of-32 from three (12.5%), 16-of-29 from the line (55%). West Virginia shot lights out from three in the first half then started penetrating and getting easy baskets inside in the second half. Hand it to the Mountaineers, they outplayed Kentucky. Wall and Bledsoe will both probably leave after this year–Wall for sure– but they've got some work to do on their outside shooting if they want to be great players in the NBA. Cousins is a good player, but he's got to get control of himself. He's way too emotional though there are a lot of head cases in the NBA. He might fit right in. Still, he needs to get a grip on himself. Patterson, a solid player, not a dominator. West Virginia may have only one NBA player on their roster in De'Sean Butler, but they play team ball and showed a lot more poise than Kentucky. It really didn't come down to poise as much as it did shooting the ball. Kentucky couldn't shoot all year, but got by with defense, rebounding and fast break points. This time, the transition was taken away more times than not and they couldn't play the half court game that West Va plays so well. Once again, Bob Huggins imposes his will on a game. He just keeps getting it done. One of the top three coaches in the game right now along with Coach K and Butler's Brad Stevens.