John Wall

I don't know which bimbo it was, but one of the ESPN sideline reporters (not Erin Andrews-she's the only one I like) talked to John Wall after Ky's victory over Ole Miss and told him there were 21 of 32 NBA scouts watching him. Why bring that up? Can't she just talk about college basketball and leave the pros alone for a night. I bet Calipari will be real happy when he hears that. He's having a hard enough time getting the kid  to listen to him anyway and this won't help. Could be good for the rest of the SEC though. Both Wall and Cousins thinking about their pro prospects means they won't spend as much time thinking about their college prospects which could cost UK in the long run this year.

Still thought it was stupid to bring that up to Wall. He had a big smile on his face, but can't you just leave the NBA alone and talk about the game and KY's prospects for the rest of the season? Isn't that the point of televising the interview with him. That woman would have flunked the NFL's  Wunderlink test, that's obvious. That's all these people want to talk about  now when it comes to college sports, the NFL or the NBA. Can't they just shut up and concentrate on college sports?