Gerald Henderson defeating MJ in H-O-R-S-E

Pretty hilarious really. I saw some of the game on film and Henderson was on fire. They asked him how smart it was to beat the owner of the team, a very competitive guy, and he said it wasn't. I thought it was great. Jordan always needs a little humbling. If you heard his comments at the basketball hall of fame, you would have noticed his self aggrandizing throughout. The guy has a very high opinion of himself; he needs to be brought down a few notches.

I'm not sure how great of an owner he'll be. He'll probably get more people in the seats in Charlotte, but can he win? That's the $64,000 question or $64 million dollar question more appropriately though that is a lot less than he paid to be the team. He had a lot of help financially.

He failed miserably in Washington as their president and was fired by the owner. He was the greatest of all time on the court. We'll see if he can redeem himself off the court. He'll have to spend more time in the office than he does on the golf course. Maybe he can do that. Not sure he has the business acumen it requires, but he has the resources to hire good people which he will need.