Game 7, Thursday Night, ABC, 8 p.m. CDT

Kendrick Perkins is probably out for Celtics and that hurts them defensively. Can 'Sheed stay out of foul trouble and him and Big Baby give the Celtics something? Can Paul Pierce rise up to the challenge? He's been very erratic; good sometimes, bad sometimes. You really don't know what you're going to get with any of the Celtics. One night KG can't shoot it in the Pacific, the next Rondo is throwing it all over the court but not to his own players and Ray will throw in an 0-for-13. Then other nights two or three of them are clicking and Celts play well. If Kobe gets help like he did last night, the Lakers will win. When Gasol steps up and Kobe plays like Kobe and Artest and Odom deliver, Fisher gives a consistent performance, and the bench contributes, this team is almost unbeatable.

The Lakers definitely have the mental edge. This Celtics team is resilient but do they have enough left in the tank? I don't know the answer to that. The Lakers seem like they have all the answers now. I picked the Celts in six, but I could have missed this one. Might as well stick with Celtics though, in seven. They will rely on that team character and tenacity to bring the trophy home to Boston. I could be wrong on this one though. I'll  just stay with my original pick.

(Kobe lighting it up)