Game 6

Everybody is picking the Lakers tonight because their backs are against the wall and Kobe is not going to let them lose in LA. That could be true. But I picked the Celtics in six, so I'm going to have to stick with that. If Paul Pierce plays the way he played in game five and his three teammates play the way they played in that game, I see the Celtics hoisting the Lawrence O'Brien trophy tonight, their 18th in franchise history. I can't give it a Joe Willie guarantee; the Lakers are going to be tough at home. But I've got to go with the Celtics because that was my original prediction. If the Lakers win tonight game seven should be one of the best NBA finals games since the '80's with Magic and Bird. Tonight should be a classic as well. The Celtics are going to want to end this thing and the Lakers are going to do everything they can to bring about a game seven at home. Celtics 94-91. (The Big Three plus Rondo needs to duplicate game five effort)