Game 5

I like the Celtics, but this is going to be another outright war. I don't like the Celtics by much and can see the Lakers coming out with a lot of passion. The Celtics will have to match it. Andrew Bynum's knee injury is a major concern for Lakers because without him, Pau Gasol gets beaten up pretty well in the middle. If the refs call it close that could benefit Gasol who is an excellent free throw shooter. Kobe will play his usual pivotal role as will the Big Four. Can the Celtics' bench keep it up? If Big Baby, Nate Robinson and Tony Allen along with 'Sheed play the way they played in game four and the Big Four shows up–at least some of them do–the Celtics should win. But the Celtics are not a great home court team. They are almost better on the road. The Lakers will be ready so the Celtics will have to match their intensity. This should be great. Celtics barely, and could see the Lakers pulling it off. Will go with Celtics, though. (Glen "Big Baby" Davis)