Celtics-Lakers lore, and a look ahead to a classic

I don't watch ESPN Classic much, but turned it on tonight and saw the Lakers-Celtics game 4 in 1984. Bird, McHale, DJ, Parrish (who had fouled out) versus Magic, Kareem (who had fouled out), James Worthy and Michael Cooper.It was epic bball. Celtics won 129-125 in overtime to tie the series at two. Bird hit a clutch shot to give the Celtics the lead and M.L. Carr made a key steal and basket to ice the game. The thing that stood out to me was Magic missing two free throws late in overtime that would have put the Lakers up by two. He had had a monster game with 20, 18 rebounds and 11 assists, but he was never a great free throw shooter and even he got a little tight at the end of the game. Worthy, who was 14-of-28 from the field and had over 30, missed one of two free throws late. If he had made both that would have tied it. Anyway, it was fun viewing. The Celtics have won 17 titles and the Lakers, including both Minneapolis and LA, have won 15. They've won 32 of 63 NBA Titles. Celtics own a 9-2 edge on Lakers in Finals.

I just go back and forth with this prediction. I started out with Boston, but changed to LA. There's Kobe and Phil and they are two major factors in deciding this series. But when you have the Big Three plus Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, 'Sheed, Big Baby and Tony Allen, that's pretty tough to beat.

I just don't think Kobe can beat them single-handedly and  Pau Gasol is soft.

I shouldn't do this, but the Series hadn't started yet, so I'm changing and going with the Celtics to win in six. Just like their toughness. Kobe is amazing, but he can't do it all by himself. Think Derek Fisher is a good player and Lamar Odom is good though inconsistent. Andrew Bynum is inconsistent also. Going with the veteran leadership and toughness. Celts in six.

(The Big three pictured above: Garnett, Pierce and Allen.)