Auburn, UAB and Alabama are in full swing. Here's what's going on so far: Auburn (5-4): DeWayne Reed is leading the way, averaging almost 16 per game. Frankie Sullivan at 14 per game is next and Lucas Hargrove is at 13 and eight rebounds. 

Key win: Virginia (68-67)

Analysis: Need to get Tay Waller–who's been hurt–back in full swing. Tay's been playing the last two games averaging almost 12 a game. Auburn needs to shoot the three pointers this year and use their pressure defense to create turnovers. So far shooting about 30 percent from three. Need to get that up some. Rebounding could be an issue, but can overcome lack of rebounding with quickness, great defense and solid outside shooting.

Up next: at Florida State; Thursday, 6 p.m.; FSN Sun

UAB (8-1)-Off to a great start. Newcomer Elijah Millsap averaging almost 16 a game and 9.3 rebounds. Howard Crawford is at 14.2 and four rebounds–needs to get that rebound stat up some. Jamaar Sanders 11.3 points. Aaron Johnson 9.4 points per game.

Key win: Georgia (72-56).

Analysis: Keep putting pressure on opposing offenses and get turnovers, take care of the ball themseles and shoot well. Just have to outhustle teams on the boards. Little disadvantage there, but like Tigers, defense could overcome that. George Drake, transfer from Vandy, could be a key leader. Aaron Johnson needs to lead, too at point.

Up next: Cincinnati; Wed. 6 p.m; at Bartow Arena. CBS College Sports Network

Alabama (6-3): Lost tough one to No.5 Purdue on Sat. Played well–led by 16–before losing 73-65 to a very good team. Mikhail Torrance leading the way averaging 15 a game. JaMychal Green is next at 15 and seven boards.

Key win: Michigan, 68-66, on neutral floor.

Analysis: Anthony Grant has brought in that Nolan Richardson-Mike Anderson style of basketball to Tuscaloosa. Fast-paced, intense defense with a lot of running. Fun style of play to watch. Like UAB and Auburn, rebounding could be an issue, but 40 minutes of running and gunning will be fun to watch. Team should be a lot better under Grant. Torrance needs to be a leader on the team.

Up next: Samford, 7 p.m., Wednesday; No TV; at Tuscaloosa.