Well, their hitting was just more than the Phillies pitching could handle. Hedeki Matsui was amazing. The man can hit; six rbis last night, all in key situations. Those Asian players are tough. Andy Pettitte pitched well on only three days rest, so the strategy Joe Girardi employed worked out well. Thought the Yankees' three man rotation may be a factor, but it was a good call by Girardi. Pettitte is the leading winner postseason history. The 250 plus million dollar salary the Yankees laid out worked. I'd rather teams that build up from their minor leagues win it, but whatever it takes. Joe Girardi really made a difference. Joe Torre is a great manager and is doing well in LA, but the change was needed for Torre and the Yankees, and Girardi has been a difference maker for this team. He's a good leader and good decision maker.

It'll be interesting to see if they can keep it up in 2010. They're an older team. Jeter, Damon, Posada, Pettitte and Rivera are all past 35; and A-rod is getting close to 35. Can they stand the wear and tear of another season and repeat? It's tough to do in any sport and hasn't been done in baseball this decade. Should make for an interesting angle in '10.