Heyward, Obama, SEC baseball

Jason Heyward could be the real deal for the Atlanta Braves. Three-run homer in his first at bat, 446 feet. It's just the first game, but this guy could be something special. How about Obama's first pitch in the Nationals-Phillies game yesterday? That looked like the old Ephus pitch that Phil Niekro used to throw for the Braves, but it was a lot worse. Niekro  used to lob it up there every now and then to try and throw hitters off from his 65 mph knuckleball. It was pretty comical, but it sometimes worked. Obama's pitch looked like high lob you would be throwing to yourself to catch or to your son or daughter, but it was way off line. I thought the guy was a stud after watching him shoot down Clark Kellogg in a game of horse (called POTUS for President of the United States), though Kellogg may not have given his best effort. But Obama was swishing threes from the corner; it was pretty impressive. This was not. He needs to stick to basketball and have Michelle throw out the first pitch. She can't do any worse and she wouldn't be expected to be good. That was embarrassing for him.

The SEC is something else in baseball again. In the ESPN Top 25 there are seven SEC teams ranked: LSU fourth, Florida ninth, Arkansas 10th, South Carolina 17th, Ole Miss 18th, Vandy 19th and Alabama, 25th. Going to be an awesome season and a can't miss tourney at Regions Park in late May.