He's terrible. Never liked him even when the Braves went to the playoffs from '91-2004. He had a ton of talent with pitchers like Smoltz, Glavine, Maddox and guys who filled the void like Steve Avery. I bet Oprah could have won some division titles with the talent the Braves had in those years. Chipper Jones was in his prime. They just put in player after player and they would produce. They still only won one World Series. That's 14 straight years in the postseason and one World Series title. I don't think that's very good. Now the old fat guy has a different roster, but they are underachieving. They have a good pitching staff, but they aren't hitting the ball. Jason Heyward may be a good player one day, but at present, he's struggling. Started out fast, but has come back to earth.

I was hoping Cox would retire at the end of last year or they would force him out, but the fat guy wanted another paycheck. He's wasting the Braves' time and I can't believe those quacks in the front office can't figure it out. They've wasted 2010 to appease Cox and they're going to pay for it with their sixth straight year of no postseason. The Braves may get hot and they'll get you excited, but they'll ultimately let you down. They always have and will again this year under Cox. The guy just needs to go. Any chance of an early going away party? Picture above: Where the heck is the two for one spread? Dang they're slow. I need that and a six. Make it a twelve.