Corey Williams, Vandy baseball

I have linked this youtube video. He was on ESPN's First Take today. What a terrific kid. A Huntsville boy, from Madison Academy. If you haven't seen the play, the Vandy freshman pitcher got hit in the kneecap on a line drive by a Florida hitter and fell off his feet. On the ground from his stomach he grabbed the ball and flipped it backhanded to first. The ball skidded across the field to the first baseman who tagged the Florida runner out. It was truly an amazing play. Corey was humble and gracious in his interview with Dana Jacobson. He even said that his play was not as good as Mark Buehrle's play for the Chicago White Sox when the White Sox pitcher had a line drive hit off his foot and he ran the ball down to the first base line and made a backhanded flip to first for the out. It was a great play, but Corey had his kneecap totally shattered on his play. First Take showed an X-Ray on and the kneecap is broken into two pieces. Corey said they put or fused (not sure which) the two bones back together and put wire around them to hold the kneecap  together. The prognosis is for him to pitch again in August. He's something else and the Commodores will miss him on the field. He brings toughness to Vandy that they need. But he's all about cheering for his teammates and being behind them as they compete for an SEC championship and beyond. Truly amazing kid. Here's the video of the play. Bear with it. It takes a minute to cue up like quite a few youtube videos. But it's worth watching if you haven't seen it. Corey Williams: