Baseball picks

Didn't get to baseball this season because been so heavily invested in basketball. Looks like it's going to be a great season. Here are the picks.

American League: East: Tampa Bay Rays; Central: Twins; West: LA Angels. Wild Card: Yankees

National League: East: Phils; Central: Cards; West: Dodgers. WC-Marlins

World Series: Phillies-Rays. Rays in seven.

Just like that pitching staff and the team chemistry in general. Will get it done in October provided they stay away from injuries. That's always the great equalizer. Right now to me, the Rays are the best team in baseball. Just swept two games from Yanks at Yankee Stadium. Darkhorses for Wild Card: Bosox in AL and Braves in NL. Still like Yanks and Marlins ahead of them.