24 last night

Awesome. The daughter of the King of the IRK is kidnapped by the guy who is supposed to be her serious boyfriend, but is a terrorist. He takes her to an empty bank–after a car chase with Jack and company where they get away–and they reach the other terrorists at the bank. The main guy of the group gets on a video feed to the king's hotel room where the king, his wife, Jack and the CTU guys are standing by. Kayla, the king's daughter, is in a chair tied up. The terrorist wants file 33 from the king. The king says he doesn't know what he's talking about. The terrorist puts a plastic bag over Kayla's head and starts pulling at it choking her. He tells the king if he doesn't give him file 33 in 15 minutes he will kill Kayla. The queen tells the king he has to give up file 33. Jack and Cole (the other CTU guy) want to know what file 33 is. The king tells him they are the codes to all nuclear weaponry and defense systems in the U.S.

Jack tells him he cannot give them to him. He says make a fake copy and they will find the group. Jack and Cole are on their way to try and find the terrorists and tell the king he has to stall them.

Meanwhile, Taren, the supposed boyfriend,  is told by the lead terrorist to kill Kayla. He hesitates. Then he goes into her cell and breaks free with her. She thinks he's protecting her. He knocks a guard down and they get out of the building. He had stolen keys to a car from the guard he knocked down and, as they get outside, he hits the buzzer on the keychain, and they find the car. He is starting it up when another terrorist reaches in the car and grabs him. They get in a fight and Taren knocks him out.

As he's about to get in the car, the lead terrorist comes out and starts shooting. He kills Taren, but Kayla starts up the car and gets away with the terrorist shooting after her. She gets away and calls CTU. They put Jack on with her and she describes the building the terrorists are in. Jack and Cole get there and try to find them. Chloe, the lead analyst for CTU, tells Jack where they are, as they catch them on camera from the sky. Jack and Cole are in pursuit. The CTU team back at headquarters sees them getting in the car and getting away. They get a shot of one of the terrorists. It's Taren.

They tell Jack and Jack figures out that as they are guiding Kayla back to CTU headquarters she has a bomb in the car which, of course, she doesn't know about. Jack warns Hastings, the head of CTU. Hastings starts running towards the garage as they find out Kayla is in the tunnel heading to the garage. It's too late to divert her. They get to Kayla and pull her out of the car. They see the bomb in back with about 15 seconds left on it and one of the CTU guys gets in the car to drive it away. It's too late. It detonates and the CTU building goes black. Jack is desperately calling into Chloe to see what happens.

It looks like the bomb doesn't explode as much as it knocks out all power resources at CTU. The terrorists have done this so they can get their dirty bomb through all of the safety measures there are to stop them from getting it into Manhattan.

Jack and Cole are CTUs' only hope now of stopping the terrorists from getting the bomb into the city and killing many thousands in Manhattan. Meanwhile, the subplot of Cole and his girlfriend, Dana Walsh, a systems analyst of CTU, is getting thicker and thicker involving their killing of two very bad guys. An investigator from Arkansas is in New York and hot on Dana's trail to nail her for something that she did, but was justified. Except for parts of it.

Next week should be huge with Jack and Cole being the only people who can stop the terrorists from exploding the nuclear bomb killing a lot of people. The other subplot is pretty riveting as well with Cole and Dana. You gotta see it.  8 p.m. Fox, Monday, March 22.